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Buying through the Moorings Yacht Brokerage can save you the time of locating available boats and in doing comparative studies of prices on the market. Our brokers act on your behalf during the entire transaction, and have more knowledge of what boats are available than you could find on your own.

We are members of a recognized broker's association: FYBA (Florida Yacht Broker Association). This organization has a strict code of ethics that their members must abide by.

It's recommended you stay with one broker once you find one you are comfortable with, rather than contact others. Not only will he or she put more time and effort into finding you the right boat, but he or she will also share a profound knowledge of virtually every comparable boat on the market. Ultimately, the use of our brokerage office which specializes in pre-owned Beneteau, Jeanneau, and Leopard Catamarans, can save you time, money and innumerable hours of frustration. We help you through the comprehensive process of finding a boat, drawing up a contract, making a deposit, undertaking a marine survey and sea trial, documenting the boat and closing the transaction.

Our Used Boat Buying Guide, Handback Guidelines and Brokerage FAQs can help answer questions you may have about the used boat buying process, or about working with our brokerage house.