Frequently Asked Questions

Our vessels have roughly 500 hrs on the engines for each year they are in charter.

The majority of our vessels are either US, French, or British Flagged.  At closing we will delete the current registration so your doc agent can register your vessel.

We don’t charge any taxes on the vessels that are located in the Caribbean unless you are a Florida Resident, and you plan to bring the boat back to Florida.

For water delivery from Tortola, BVI to Ft Lauderdale a captain normally charges around $300/day, plus air fare, provisions, and $100/day for each extra crew member needed for the delivery. These deliveries normally take 7-10 days depending on the weather.

If the vessel is due for its yearly out of water maintenance a bottom job will be included with the sale.

This is not easily answered as every boat is a little different, and not black and white.  It is best to speak with one our brokers to fully explain the process to you.

We don’t offer any financing, however, your broker can provide you with a list of finance companies to choose from.

This depends on where the boat was built.  All the Jeanneau sailboats were built in France, and the Robertson & Caine Leopard Catamarans were built in South Africa so Duty will need to be paid by the Buyer if brought back to the US.  The majority of the Beneteau Sailboats 40’ and under that we list in the Caribbean were built in Marion, South Carolina so Duty is not due on these.  However, all the Beneteau Sailboats over 40’ will have to have duty paid when brought back to the US.

Duty is 1.5% of the value of the vessel at the time of importation.

We have Listing/Support Brokers who handle all of the Listings for the fleet, and then we have Selling brokers (or Buyer’s Broker) who work specifically for the Buyer so there is no confusion.

There is no warranty offered on a used boat purchase.

Our typical timeline from initial offer to handover is between 8-12 weeks due to the phase out process that takes roughly 6-8 weeks.  However, it’s best to speak with one of our brokers to get a better idea of the current workload which will affect the phase out timeline one way or another.

The majority of our listings are scattered throughout our Caribbean bases, but ask your licensed Moorings broker to see what is available in the US.

Some boats might have a prior survey that is available to be shown to a potential Buyer. Ask your Moorings Broker.

Boat insurance typically costs 1% of the value of the vessel per year.

We always have some boats that can be sold back into the fleet by a Moorings Broker.  Please inquire within to see the different options currently available.

A doc agent will charge you around $500 to register your vessel.

The escrow deposit is 10% of the initial offer.

This varies from one boatyard to the next, but you can expect to pay between $7-13/foot for the short haul during survey.

The surveyors in the Caribbean charge roughly $25/foot.

Your Moorings Broker can check to see if there were any insurance claims on the vessel while it was in the fleet.

In Tortola the life rafts are not sold with the boats. At all the other locations if there was a life raft on the vessel when it surveys it will stay on the vessel for the closing. However, we will not service the life raft if it is needed.

We don’t include a dinghy/outboard with the sale of the charter vessels.  However, some crewed charter vessels will include a dinghy with the sale, but we cannot guarantee that you will have the necessary paperwork to register the dinghy.

Your broker can check with the base that you are purchasing the boat from to see if there is an option to purchase a used dinghy from the base.  The cost is negotiated on site, and is a separate transaction.

The asking price of each yacht is determined by the different owners.

All of our charter boats go through both pre and post charter checks, plus quarterly and yearly maintenance schedules.  Then they are put through a meticulous phase out at the end of the program where you can purchase an ex charter boat for fifty cents on the dollar.

Absolutely, before you do so be sure to speak with your Moorings Broker to make sure the boats that you want to view are available for a showing, and not out on charter or tucked away in our Hurricane Hole.

If the vessel is still an active charter vessel you can book a charter by calling 800-535-7289.

Moorings operates on different business model to other charter companies, and performs scheduled maintenance that isn’t charged back to customer so maintenance logs are not available.

In charter the service life ranges from 2-3 years on average.

Your broker can provide you a list of private contractors for your desired work list.  However, no outside contractors are allowed to work on the vessel until we close.

We are not in the business to recommend a surveyor, however, your broker can provide you with a current list of surveyors where you intend to purchase.

Your Moorings Broker can let you know which boats are company owned assets, or privately owned.

Your Moorings Broker can run the current comps for the model you are purchasing which will give you an idea of the pace and price they sell.

All the inventory that was on the vessel at the time of survey will remain with the vessel.